2017 All Coast Guard Ships & Alaska/Bering Sea Patrol Reunions

2017 All Coast Guard Ships & Alaska/Bering Sea Patrol Reunions

Coast Guard Flag Waving
Coast Guard Flag Waving

The all Coast Guard Ships and Alaska Bering Sea Patrol reunion has come and gone. It was a great success this year with many new crew members attending. Part of the successful reunion is the wonderful support I had from the following gang that I will call my crew. A big thanks to Nitzi & Keith Barker, John Braund, Janelle Hoover, Claudia & Jack Hunter, Mandy Ireland, Nettie & Brian Kelley and Dan Petruso. Saturday for the first time we had “Early Bird” sign-up with about 50 people signing in. The hotel had a total of 563 hotel room nights. The big surprise was the coffee drinkers. The bill for the coffee was just over $700.00
Circus Circus was very happy with us and to show their appreciation 2017 room rate went from $45.00 plus tax in 2015 to $43.00 plus tax for the 2017 reunion. In addition they have extended this special rate from Wednesday 10 May thru 19 May.
There was 140 different vessels represented that crewmembers served on. Being a ships historian I want to thank all those that provided me with information on their different ships and a special thanks to Erik Cookson who had a tote full of Coast Guard history from the 1940’s when his grandfather served in the Coast Guard, and it also included various other ships information up to the present. I will have this information added to the various ships files and have it on display for the 2017 reunion.

2015 – SHERMAN Reunion

2015 Sherman Reunion
The Sherman was the sixth of twelve 378 Hero class cutters built. The Sherman was commissioned on August 23rd 1968 and stationed in Boston, MA until 1979 when it was transferred to it’s new home port in San Francisco. Her duties still include Search & Rescue, Bering Sea Patrols and local ops.

Being a historian of Coast Guard ships I was invited by the Reunion Coordinator, Richard Ames to join members of the CGC Sherman Reunion in Portland, ME at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn. Members covered the history of the ship as there were crewmembers that were plank owners,
those that made the Viet Nam deployment and those that came after. There were some members served aboard in Boston and some that were aboard in San Francisco.

2015-06-09 12.11.46
I am enjoying the Lobster feed in York, ME

2015-06-09 13.04.56-1
The Sherman band at the lobster feed