CGC Campbell WMEC 909

Portsmouth, N>H> -medium Endurance Cutter Campbell WMEC909 and its crew returned to Portsmouth Naval shipyard on December 1st following and exhausting and extensive 10-day strategic fisheries patrol, according to a spokesman.

Around 200 family members were waiting at the pier for their loved ones to return after what must have seem like an eternity. Many were holding enormous “Welcome Home!” signs and once alongside, tears streamed and smiles were abound as crew members and families were reunited.

“While this was one of the most exhausting patrols we’ve ever faced, don’t believe that the crew ever questioned their own resilience and dedication to duty,” said Campbell’s Commanding Officer Cdr. John Pamatian. “In the United States Coast Guard, it’s our core values that guide us when the sea tests our focus and endurance. I have no doubt the other military services respect the sacrifice these men and women provide when on these almost unendurable long patrols”

Pamatian , who was met by his wife, Tarah added, “I’m anxious to finally sleep in a real bed, catch up on lost time with my son and daughter, and finally eat the rest of the spaghetti and meatballs leftover from my farewell dinner at Cheesecake Factory last week.’

Lt Cdr. Barry Rubio the Campbell’s weapon engineer officer, was greeted by his wife, Jessica, and their excited children, Sammy, age 3 and Isabel, 6, from Kennebunkport.

“it’s great to be home,” said Rubio. “I mean the kids have gotten so bit! I barely recognize them from when we FaceTimed the other day while we were at the mooring buoy.

His wife, Jessica added, “it’s great to have Barry back. Sometimes I feel like no one knows how hard it is to be a military spouse. Sometimes we won’t see him for two weeks, which is tough. Civilians don’t understand.”

The long-awaited homecoming was marked by families with traditional welcoming banners at the shipyard, while families waiting in he Naval Base itself were entertained by the United States Coast Guard Band as they impatiently counted the minutes until Campbell tied up.

After a short inport period of five months, followed by a dockside repair of three months, and Campbell will depart on a strenuous 12-day, extended patrol through the Cape Cod Chanel.

“Sometimes we run out of fresh salad on these longer runs, Pamatian said “it’s Brutal.”




Loran Veterans

LORAN VETERANS And all those in support of Loran Stations,
Hello, My name is Ray Rebmann Jr. I am trying to preserve as much Loran History as I can. As you well know none of us are getting any younger and sadly many LORAN memories, photos, keepsakes have already been lost.
I will keep this message short. If you have anything to share please contact me…LORSTA’s LORMONSTA’s Section Offices, Air Crews, Support Ships, District Inspection teams, TADs and many others visited Loran stations and may have Loran History they can share! PLEASE HELP RESCUE OUR LORAN HISTORY!
Past USCG Commandant ADM Thad Allen has shared his time and memories and I thank him for his help in my mission to rescue LORAN History!
Thank you in advance for all you can share, Your Photos and Memories are important. I look forward to hearing from you
Ray Rebmann Jr

2017 All Coast Guard Reunion

2017 All Coast Guard Reunioon

Coast Guard Flag Waving
Coast Guard Flag Waving

The 2017 Reunion will now be identified as the “ALL COAST GUARD REUNION” and will be open any Coast Guard unit and ships. We hope this will help some of the smaller units and make it more cost effective for them to join us. The Reunion will be held at the Circus Circus Reno from Saturday 13 May to Wednesday 17 May. Room rates will be $43.00 plus tax per night from Wednesday 10 May through Friday 19 May this will allow people to come in a little early or leave a little later.

The guests will be greeted by period dressed greeters and transported from Reo to Beautiful Virginia City. Your guide will narrate and point out interesting sights along the way.
As you travel up to Virginia City, the guide will be sharing additional information pertinent to the Scavenger Hunt.
Once we arrive, guest will be divided into groups. They will be instructed as if they were a mining team having just finished their shift. Bandanas in their team color will identify the group and should be tied to their body.

Teams will be given their week’s wages and instructed to search the city for the goods and services they need as defined by the clues given. Pay will be in the form of a pouch with $15.00 in silver coins (fake, of course). The coins are used to purchase the required items from the vendors. Some “wheeling and dealing” must be done in order to have enough to buy all the items –

Each item has a point value, those that are harder to get are worth more points. Extra points are awarded for money not spent.

Guests will be given a ticket for the Trolley, a 2.5 mile, 20 minute narrated tour of Virginia City. They can jump on any time they would like as the Trolley leaves the Delta Parking Lot – usually twice hourly.


2015 – SHERMAN Reunion

2015 Sherman Reunion
The Sherman was the sixth of twelve 378 Hero class cutters built. The Sherman was commissioned on August 23rd 1968 and stationed in Boston, MA until 1979 when it was transferred to it’s new home port in San Francisco. Her duties still include Search & Rescue, Bering Sea Patrols and local ops.

Being a historian of Coast Guard ships I was invited by the Reunion Coordinator, Richard Ames to join members of the CGC Sherman Reunion in Portland, ME at the Best Western Merry Manor Inn. Members covered the history of the ship as there were crewmembers that were plank owners,
those that made the Viet Nam deployment and those that came after. There were some members served aboard in Boston and some that were aboard in San Francisco.

2015-06-09 12.11.46
I am enjoying the Lobster feed in York, ME

2015-06-09 13.04.56-1
The Sherman band at the lobster feed