Casco Class 311

Casco Class 311

The 311s
The Casco Class vessels were built as sea plane tenders by the USN. They were designed to operate out of small harbors and a tolls and had a shallow draft. The fact that the class were very seaworthy with good habitability and that the diesel plant gave it good range made this class well suited for ocean-station duty.

A number of changes were madeto these ships to better suit them for OS duty. A balloon shelterwas added aft, there were spacesdevoted to oceanographic equipment, and a hydrographic winch was added.

Displacement (tons) 1791 (light)
Length 311’7″ (oa)
Beam 41′ (max)
Draft 13’1″

4 Fairbanks Morse 1600 hp coupled to twin screws through reduction gears
Max sustained speed 17 knots (11,000 miles)
Ecconomic speed 10 knots (209,000 miles)

Fuel oil 170,000 gallons

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