Edsall Class WDE

Edsall Class WDE

The Edsall class destroyer escort was an outgrowth of a WWII need for an inexpensive destroyer. There was a wide variationamong the ships in this class, primarilt caused by a shortage of power-plant components. Durin WWII, the Coast Guard manned 23 of this class for the USN.

The advent of the Korean War created a need for a number ofnew ocean stations in the Pacific. Although most equipment for the war effort were transported by sea, most troop[s were carried to the operational area by air. to help protect these troops, the Coast Guard established new ocean station positions throughout the Pacific along with air detachments stratigically placed. The OSVs provided up to date weather information, radio relay, and an emergency crash site should it be needed.

Of the 12 ships taken into the Coast Guard, 9 had been manned by the service during WWII. During reactivation, these ships had weather-ballon shelters added and were fitted to carry a self-bailing surf boat. The numberr 100 was added to each hull number in order to elimiate confusion with the WAVPs.

In order to keep each station occupied, eight to nine ships (mostly the WDEs)had to be in constant rotation. One typical tour called for 3 weeks on OS”V”, 3 weeks on SAR standby at Midway I., 3 weeks on OS”V” , 3 weeks on SAR in Guam, less than 1 week R7R in Japan3 weeks on OS”S”, 3 weeks SAR in Adak and then home.

Displacemennt (tons) 1600 (max)
Length 306 (oa)
Beam 36’8″
Draft 10’9″

4 Fairbanks Morse (Direct reversable) 6400 HP
Twin Screw
Max speed 20 knots 7100 miles
Ecconomic speed 12 knots 13,000 miles


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