Pan Am Airlines


This video is of Mary Lou Bigelow who was a Pan Am Stewardess from 1962-1964


Pan Am Museum Foundation Gala 2017
Don Marasco, Georgia Pappas, Mary Lou Bigelow
Dick Blair & Doak Walker

Frank Garcia Flight Engineer Pan Am 90943
Len Specia (Mary Ellen Daniel) Stewardess Pan Am 90943
Doak Walkr Radioman aboard Coast Guard Cutter Pontchartrain
the rescue ship on Ocean Station November October 16th 1956


Linda Freire Co-Chairman  Pan Am Museum Foundation
Introducing Frank Garcia, Len Specia (Mary Ellen Daniel)
who were aboard Pan Am 943 flight 6 that ditched and
Doak Walker Radioman aboard CGC Pontchartrain

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Doak Walker Radioman aboard the CGC Pontchartrain at Pan Am Museum

A good movie of the Pan Am 90943 flight 6 ditch in 1946


Death of an American Dream – The Pan Am story -(good history of the airline)